What is Outdoor Education Program ?

Outdoor Education Program is a method of learning outside the classrooms, getting involved with Society, Industries, NGOs, Villages, and Historical & Heritage Points. To have cross cultural interactions, meeting fellow students of different locations, feeling responsibility towards environment and humanity are part of our OEPs. It also involves meeting unsung heroes and role models who are positively impacting society today.

Outdoor Education Programs are more about learning from non conventional method of education. Feeling more sensitive towards everything and ultimately find the way one is made to walk upon.

Advantage to Teachers

A teacher is responsible for future of a society, nation and humanity. To create leaders of tomorrow, which is a goal of any teacher; they need to indulge their students into the most intensive method of learning i.e. Travelling.

Advantage to Students

All the great visionaries, thinkers, leaders and doers; let it be famous or unsung. They all have one interest in common, they all were travelers. You need to travel more to learn more and realize who you really are !

Advantage to Parents

Everyone need their child to be a person full of moral values, vision, and wisdom; rest is assured, that child will find the best way for themselves. Being parents you have advantage to let you child explore and travel.

Browse Outdoor Education Programs

Kumaon, Uttarakhand

One of the oldest civilizations of Himalayan region belongs to this place. Explore caves, villages, heritage and amazing workshops.

Pawalgarh, Jim Corbett National Park

Understand jungles, animals, birds, rivers, people and humanity. Stay in Jungle and stories of Jim Corbett.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

The place where Ganga touches the plains of India. Nature, sustainable development, river management and adventure. Join Us !

Dhramshala & Mcleodganj

Understand the most peaceful segment of Humanity. Nature, trek, meditation, culture and heritage are part of this tour.

New Delhi

Around the world in 80 Days ! But not enough for Delhi. You need someone who love this place, who understand the nerves of lanes.