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KLM Taj Tour​

Crafted with precise timings, best & experienced people to show you Taj Mahal in shortest period of time and still giving you enough time to admire the beauty of Taj.

From $60.00

The Footsteps of Krishna

The whole world knows him, history is a mystery about Krishna! So, why not explore his footsteps yourself. All the villages, river, mountains, jungles and his stories are waiting for you.
Places: Brijbhomi, Uttar Pradesh, & Haryana

From $650.00

The Golden Triangle

One of the most celebrated routes in the world, several world heritage sites, stories, forts, palaces, markets and non other than Taj Mahal. Experience the Old School Tour with new & cool team of travel industry in India.
Places: New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan

From $780.00
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