Explore the unknown India, although known on maps!​

The Roads Less Traveled In India | Hidden treasures of land

When roads are less traveled, they have more to give. So, it’s chance of travelers now to gain more ! Travel on wisdom trails designed by Gyan Yatra. Explore the real India, stay with the real India, get soaked in these long tours, feel the culture and connect with nature. You will realize how everyone on earth are connected regardless of modern boundaries, you will realize that why ancient sages said, “world is one family”. Come join us on a wisdom trail.

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The Footsteps of Krishna

The whole world knows him, history is a mystery about Krishna! So, why not explore his footsteps yourself. All the villages, river, mountains, jungles and his stories are waiting for you.
Places: Brijbhomi, Uttar Pradesh, & Haryana

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The Kumaon’s Himalayas

There is the Himalayas, then there is Kumaon’s Himalayas! Yes, the little less known, the more peaceful and yet full of natural beauty, age-old heritage monuments and stories to get lost in.
Places: Kumaon, Uttarakhand

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The Golden Triangle

One of the most celebrated routes in the world, several world heritage sites, stories, forts, palaces, markets and non other than Taj Mahal. Experience the Old School Tour with new & cool team of travel industry in India.
Places: New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan

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The Ark of Smile

Astonishing heritage is lying in the lap of central India, few known any many unknown! Explore this amazing ‘Ark of Smile’ from New Delhi to Varanasi via Gwalior, Khajuraho, and Panna. Smooth experience in rough terrains.
Places: Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh

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