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Terms & Conditions


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions, as your use of the service is contingent upon your acceptance and adherence to these terms.

By booking any of the services offered on our website, you accept without reservation the obligations set out in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. provides the services advertised on our website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

By accessing this website and requesting the services we offer, you agree to accept all of the General Terms and Conditions that are published at the time. Therefore, it is essential to read the General Terms and Conditions each time prior to placing a purchase order. (Brand registered under Gyan Yatra Wisdom Travel Private Limited) is responsible for all transactions conducted through its website, including providing customer support, handling disputes, issuing refunds, and managing cancellations.

Booking Regulations

While making a booking, the first person listed on the reservation agrees on behalf of all the people listed on the booking that:

(1)  He or she authorizes all individuals mentioned on the booking to divulge their personal information to us, including any applicable special categories of data (such as health information), and consents to our use of that information in line with our Privacy Policy.

(2) He or she has read these Booking Terms and general information of our tours as mentioned on our website(, and Tour Costs, and is able and willing to bind himself or herself by them.

(3) He or she understands and accepts the risks associated with the kind of tour selected by them.

(4) They declare that they, and all members of their party, are over 18 years of age when placing an order for services with age restrictions. For members below 18 years of age, they can only join the activity/tour with their parent/guardian who is of legal age to participate in the activity chosen by them.

(5) They should not have any pre-existing medical condition or disability which would prevent them from actively participating in the tour. If anyone has a pre-existing medical condition or disability, please contact us prior to making a booking to determine the suitability of the tour arrangements.

(6)He or She affirms that while making a booking they assume financial responsibility for payment for all individuals listed in the booking.

In addition – 

Any booking made by or for you will be regarded as having been made by you.

If there is a dispute about payment for a prior order or if any irregularity is suspected,  reserves the right to cancel the booking.

When you submit your booking request, we consider this to be an unsecured booking. It is not confirmed yet. A contract between you and us is only established when we send an email to notify you that your booking has been secured. This is when your booking is definitely accepted.

Upon making a booking, you will receive an email confirmation of the booking from on behalf of our partner/guide, indicating that the booking has been accepted and confirmed. This means that you need to regularly check your email. If for any reason we are unable to reach you by email, we may still reach out to you by phone and/or other contact details provided by you.

If an event or occasion occurs on the day of the tour, or any other unpredictable event, that makes it impossible or inadvisable to continue the tour, and/or its partner may cancel the booking up to the time of the tour’s commencement. Please note that the booking is always subject to availability.

Payments Terms and Price 

At, you can expect to receive pricing and cost information for any services you may be interested in. The pricing information can be found when viewing the advertisement for a particular service. Generally, we will display the total cost or the base cost with any taxes, fees, and additional costs that may be associated with the service. We provide a secure online payment system, where you can pay for services securely and quickly. This payment system is safe and encrypted so you don’t have to worry about your financial data being compromised. After payment is complete, you will be notified with a receipt for your services.

The price stated at the time of booking will be the final cost. Payment for these services must be made via our website unless instructed to pay by other means for the convenience of the customer. We retain the right to consider your booking canceled if we do not receive this balance in whole and on schedule.

The Tour Operator is responsible for ensuring that the cost of the Tour remains the same as the advertised and paid-for price. This includes all applicable taxes, fees, and service charges related to the Tour. The Tour Operator will not raise the price of the Tour after the full amount has been paid, ensuring that the Tour remains the same cost that was previously agreed upon. 

Payment for services provided by our company can be made through our website (, although certain discounts and conditions may offer an alternative payment option.

Cancellation and refund 

If you or any other member of your party wishes to cancel your confirmed booking, you must inform us about the cancellation through email. Such notice of cancellation will be effective from the date we receive it through email.

The Company requires full payment to be made in advance prior to the tour. Tour bookings will only be confirmed once the full payment has been received. In some cases, other payment methods may be offered for customer convenience.

Refunds for canceled tours will be processed within 15 days of cancellation, in accordance with the cancellation policy.

In case of cancellation, there will be a minimum 10% deduction for online charges, taxes, and other miscellaneous charges. Further refund policy is as under:

50 Days before the tour – 90% refund

30 Days before the tour – 60% refund

10 Days before the tour – 30% refund

24 hours before the tour – zero refund

In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as an act of God, riots, war, strikes, civil unrest, terrorism, governmental regulations, floods, earthquakes, fire, and other natural disasters, tours may be canceled at the Company’s sole discretion without notice. Any actual costs incurred on special arrangements made for the tour (if any), including cancellation charges on vehicles booked, and tour leaders allocated, will be deducted.

If our company has to cancel a tour for any reason, it has the right to do so without any prior notice to the guest. Upon cancellation, the guest will receive a full refund of the fee paid. Cancellation may be necessary in cases where there are unforeseen natural weather conditions in the location of the tour or any other harmful condition which makes it unsafe for the tour to be conducted, or any other emergency situation where the Company deems it necessary to take such action. All cancellations and refunds will be done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Accuracy not guaranteed makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the Tour/Service/Product as ordered by the User. Because some of the experiences and services that provides services for involve many 3rd party vendors, it is possible that some changes may occur to the user’s order due to circumstances beyond their control. For example, their venue may be unavailable, and breakfast or refreshment places shut. the workshop or service provider may not be available, or other alterations may be necessary. As a result of these situations, certain aspects of the user’s order can change, such as plans or arrangements. is not able to guarantee that all aspects of the user’s order will remain accurate and unchanged, and the user should understand that potential changes may occur. Furthermore, cannot guarantee that the quality of the Services, information, or other materials obtained through the website will be up to the user’s expectations.

In this case, you agree that a representative from will inform you through the call or email address you provided when placing your order, either to inform you or to send an approval request.

Property Rights

The Company’s intellectual property refers to any intangible works or creations that are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company, protected by the laws of copyright, trademarks, and patents. This intellectual property includes the Company’s distinctive logos, visual images, text, publications, designs, and other forms of creative output registered trademarks, such as the words and symbols used to identify the Company’s products and services and/or as a source of origin. It also includes creative works that the Company has protected under copyright laws, such as articles, photographs, books, video and audio recordings, computer software, and other creative works. 

Any use of the Company’s intellectual property for any other purpose requires the Company’s prior written approval. This approval might be necessary for an individual or business to promote or market their own products or services using the Company’s intellectual property. It may also be necessary for an individual or business to publish or reprint works protected by the Company’s copyright. 

Furthermore, the Company’s approval may be necessary for another individual or business to use any of the Company’s protected trademarks either to advertise their own products or services or to manufacture a product or service using the protected mark. All forms of the Company’s protected intellectual property should be respected. Any unauthorized use of the Company’s intellectual property may result in legal action being taken against the violator. Therefore, it is important to obtain the Company’s written approval before utilizing any of the Company’s intellectual property.