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Gyan Yatra is a Hindi/Sanskrit word, which literally stands for Wisdom Journeys. We believe in exploring, learning, slow, sustainable, and responsible traveling. India is a land of stories, so explore with some of the best storytellers.


Responsible Tours

We need to respect local society, people, customs, & culture while exploring anywhere, as well as taking care of the environment. We take care in the best way.

Passionate Storytellers

Every human you are going to meet on these tours is passionately in love with stories of India and sharing them with the world. We love what we do.

Celebrating India

Mighty Himalayas, 7000+ km of beaches, 160+ languages, 1000+ dialects, colorful festivals, delicious food, and a lot more beyond imagination to celebrate.

Roads Less Travelled

India is more than the Taj Mahal and forts of Rajasthan, so time to explore the road less traveled in India to taste the most authentic side of this nation.

Some of our favorite

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Kumaon’s Himalayas

12 days · Himalayas · 13 Towns

Starting City: New Delhi
Activity level: Light
Group size: Small group

Arc Of Smile

12 days · 1 Country · 7 Cities

Starting City: New Delhi
Activity level: Active
Group size: Small group

The Soulful India

16 Days · 3 States · 9 Locations

Starting City: New Delhi
Activity level: Active
Group size: Small group

Top Upcoming Tours of This Year

Starting City: New Delhi
Activity level: Active
Group size: Small group

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