Gyan Yatra

Wisdom Journeys In India

What Is Gyan Yatra

“Gyan Yatra” is a Hindi/Sanskrit word where Gyan stands for Knowledge or Wisdom and Yatra stands for Journey. In two simple words it is describing us, our team, our vision and our respect for life and earth. Travelling is just a medium for us to make others realize their sensitivity towards everything good.

How It All Started

Started in March 2015, with a simple vision to provide research based travel program for students across India. To help them learn outside classrooms and understand that travel teaches more than books. At the same time help locals with income of tourism. Recently Gyan Yatra took turn to include everyone in the travel programs.

How We See India

For Gyan Yatra, India is history depicting humanity since beginning of civilization. India is colours and lights of several amazing festivals. India is home to all the seasons and geographical locations in the world. We see India as home to a billion people on earth, sometimes crazy, yet with beautiful heart. For us India is a land to find self and tourism is medium for that.

How We Design Tours

We design the tours after a proper research based on culture, heritage, geographical location, monuments, personality’s footsteps, adventure trails, festivals, natural spots etc. At the same time we take care of local people by including them into the programs or support a local NGO involved in betterment of the area and people. The best experience in India, we promise !

Responsible Tourism

We understand our responsibility towards environment and society. Therefore we support responsible and sustainable tourism. We consider that tourism has potential to create a world like never before. People and societies more closer to each other and learning at it’s height. We support UNWTO, Global code of ethics for Tourism.  We support peace !

Vision of Gyan Yatra

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (Vasu-dha-iva Ku-tum-ba-kam) is a Sanskrit phrase, which means “the world is one family”. Gyan Yatra wants to connect this family with the help of tourism. Let everyone feel how each one of us are similar, let everyone unite on the name of humanity. Best designed & delivered programs to make you feel one with others is our ultimate vision.